Casting Director, CSA

Lindsay Chag Casting

Offices in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA

Casting Services

Lindsay has cast several hundred film & TV projects featuring a wide array of talent, genres, and filmmakers. Her experience, commitment and enthusiasm can promote a project on any level.

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Actor Services

Lindsay’s goal is to share her ‘insider’ information directly with actors to help them achieve the best results possible. She is also inspired to remind actors why they matter and why what they do is meaningful.

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An article written for Backstage by Jean Schiffman quotes a former actress, Nancy Palmer Jones: “Walking backstage, through dark hallways, through the wings, I had this profound sense that I was on sacred ground and deeply, deeply home.”

Lindsay distinctly recalls walking into a theatre in the Stanford University Drama Department for the first time and feeling exactly this – deeply home. It was a life-changing moment. Inspired from an early age by performers, she realized in this moment of clarity that she wanted to spend her life in the presence of actors and artists.