LIndsay Chag Film Credits

Since opening her casting office, Lindsay has successfully cast several hundred projects including feature films, television series and pilots, digital films and series, commercials, plays, and movies for television. She has additionally associated and co-produced several independent features, and executive produced a movie for Lifetime Television.

Upon receiving dual degrees in Drama and Psychology from Stanford University, Lindsay headed to Hollywood and landed an intern position in a casting office. Within 3 years, she opened her own independent casting company and began working on her first TV series, “Anything But Love”, for ABC and Fox Television. After that, she cast the Ed Zwick/Marshall Herskovitz dramatic series, “Relativity”, also for ABC. And in between the two TV shows, she cast her first two feature films, both directed by Mel Brooks: “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”.

Lindsay has recently opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia and actively casts there and in Los Angeles, CA.