“Casting Directors are responsible for the one element that holds audiences in thrall more than any other…the cast.” – Woody Allen


“The casting director is the director’s first pair of eyes shaping the vision of the movie once the process of film making has started. This intimate collaboration between director and casting director yields the most significant decisions in the life of a film, choices that every crew and cast member knows will make or break his or her movie” – Jodie Foster

Lindsay’s extensive experience provides an asset to any film. She also contributes an enthusiasm and energy to the process.

Her capabilities include:

  • Professional access to star performers
  • A keen eye for talent
  • Awareness of potential breakthrough and up and coming talent
  • Savvy contract negotiation skills
  • Ability to cast in major markets as well as locally throughout the U.S.


“Without Casting Directors, there is no show, no film… they fill the screens with ‘new faces’, ‘character actors’, ‘stars’, ‘day players’ …
they are essential to every production.” – George Clooney

Lindsay’s expansive industry connections and expertise can help activate projects in development.

She provides specific advice regarding:

  • Level of talent which a project can expect to engage
  • Elements which will enhance a project’s marketability to major talent
  • Strategies which will maximize the probability of securing prominent talent